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It means 'Bring Your Own', i.e. alcohol when going to a .
It's an amazing way to make dining out more affordable, since you won't have to pay the restaurant's mark-up, which is usually higher on alcohol than on anything ese that you consume.
This practise is more common at medium range and casual restaurants and Aussies love it.
When you bring your own bottle some places will charge a fee for the corkage that is usually around $2 to $4.

Beach Surf Life Saving Flags

Australian beaches usually have flags indicating where it's safe to swim and where you are allowed to surf. You should always swim between the flags.

The red and yellow flag indicate the safest swim area, it's the patrolled area. These are the most commom flags you'll find on the popular beaches of Sydney.

The red flag means Danger do not go in the water. When you see a red flag displayed, the beach is closed for swimming. In this case, try another beach elsewhere on the Sydney Coast.

The blue flag means board riding area for surfers. This is a safe area to ride your surfboard and is often nearby the swwiming area. Please keep you surfboard out of the swimming area.

The red and white checkered flag means there might be shark in the water. Surf patrols will usually chase the shark well out to sea and make sure there are no more dangers before reopening the beach. It's not common to see this flag on the Sydney beaches, but it's good to aware of it.

Free CBD shuttle

It is a free bus service, number 555, that operates a continuous loop between Central Station and Circular Quay along George St and Elizabeth St in both directions. It runs approximately every 10 min and it will take you around Sydney Centre to the main attractions , restaurants, ...
Mon to Fri 9:30-15:30 (extends to 21:00 on Thursdays)
Sat, Sun & public holidays (excluding Christmas Day) 9:30-18:00

Map of route & stops at:www.sydneybuses.info/uploads/File/pdfs/regular_route_maps/555map.pdf

Aussie Slangs

Good'day mate: Hello, Good morning
Arvo: afternoon
Cozzie: bathing suit
Thongs: flip flops
Loo: bathroom
Sheila: women/girl
Bloke: men/guy
Tucka: food
Ta: thanks


The Paddy's Market open from 9am to 5pm Thusday through Sunday, this market is a great place to pick up a good bargain when you're travelling on a budget. You can find just about everything in Paddy's Market, from food to tourist souvenirs, clothes and backpackers essentials like socks and alarm clocks...It's located in Chinatown, on Hay Street. To get there you can catch the train to Central Station. It's also only a short 15 min - 20 min walk from Circular Quay.


If you enjoy a nice cold beer you must visit The Lord Nelson Brewery in the Rocks, on the corner of Kent St and Argyle St. This is Australia's oldest pub brewery and they offer 6 different ales 100% natural brewed in their own premises since 1985.

Good Food

If Italian food is what you are looking for, Leichardt is the place to go. This Inner-west Sydney suburb has a special Italian feel to it and it's very popular amongst locals for its amazing Italian food. Leichardt also has a large variety of shops where you can find the best Italian products like olive oils, Italian salamis, etc.
To get to there from the city is easy, a good option is to catch a bus from Circular Quay. Bus 435 or 440.

Ocean pools

Almost every beach in Sydney has a sea pool. They are a great alternative for people that like to swim but don't want to be in the open ocean waters. It's a local's favorite for doing laps and it's also very popular amongst parents with young kids, since it's safer and allows the kids to have more freedom.



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