Sydney lures backpackers like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, singing its hypnotising song in the crash of the waves, the buzz of the city and the stillness of the harbour.  Life as a backpacker in Sydney is affordable and unforgettable. The days are long and the nights are longer, you bounce out of bed at the first sign of light and as a new day breaks you come crashing into it and summer is set to a soundtrack of bars, tours, beachside cricket and picnics….

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The best take away shops in Sydney for backpackers are generally found along the beach front, as are the eateries, restaurants, pubs and bars.  Sydney Internet cafes are not hard to come by, so travellers wanting to keep in touch will have no excuse not to write home! Sydney shopping is the best in the country, with plenty of trendy fashion, accessories, art and tourist souvenirs. However, those on a tighter budget or even just looking for something out of the ordinary should check out Sydney Markets for emerging fashion, delicious food and interesting gifts.

There are plenty of sights and attractions to visit in Sydney that do not require entrance fees.  The beaches of Sydney are the most beautiful in Australia and the list of National Parks in New South Wales (NSW) is impressive.

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Most Backpackers are using public transport, as it is the easiest and most conventional way around Sydney. Buses, trains and ferries in Sydney are popular as it is fast, cheap and cover all of the major Sydney Attractions.


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