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Population estimate: 22, 481 000 (Sydney: 4, 504 000)
Established: Captain Cook arrived in Botany Bay in 1770
Official Language: English
Australian Currency: AUD$ (Australian Dollar)

1 USD = 1.017 AUD
1 EURO = 1.415 AUD
1 JPY YEN = 0,012 AUD
1 GBP POUNDS = 1.613 AUD

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Sydney Banking and Trading Hours

Banking Hours: (Open Monday to Friday - Some open on Saturday mornings) Trading hours: (Open Daily)
PS: Thursday is late night shopping, so most things will stay open until 9:00pm.
Monday to Thursday: 9:30am - 4:00pm Monday to Saturday: 9:00am - 5:30/6:00pm (General hours)
Friday: 9:30 - 5:00/5:30pm Sunday: 9:30am - 4:00/4:30pm (General hours)
Time Zones in Australia

Current local time in Australia – New South Wales – Sydney
Find out current local time in Sydney – New South Wales – Australia. Get Sydney's weather and area codes, time zone and DST

There are three time zones in Australia.

(Eastern Standard Time) EST: Sydney, Queensland, ACT (Australian Capital Territory) and New South Wales.
(Central Standard Time) CST: Northern Territory and South Australia.
(Western Standard Time) WST: Western Australia.

• Internet Domain Names Australia

Australian Internet domain names end in .au. There are several second level domains within the .au domain and each level domain has a purpose. Some of these include: - for Commonwealth, State, Territory and local government bodies & - for commercial entities etc - for charities and non-profit organizations - for educational institutions registered at Federal or State/Territory level and - for incorporated associations etc

Public Holidays 2011  
New Years Day
New Years Day substitute
January 01, Saturday
January 03, Monday
Australia Day January 26, Wednesday
Good Friday April 22, Friday
Easter Monday April 26, Tuesday
Anzac Day April 25, Monday
Queen's Birthday Second Monday in June
Labour Day First Monday in October
Christmas Day
Christmas Day substitute
December 25, Sunday
December 26, Monday
Boxing Day December 27, Tuesday


• Australian Post Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 9am - 5pm

For more information visit: Australian Post

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• Road Distances In Australia

Sydney to Bondi Beach 6.8km (24min) • Sydney tours
Sydney to Manly 15.6km (29min)
Sydney to Blue Mountains 128km (2h/8min)
Sydney to Canberra 287km (3h/38min)
Sydney to Gold Coast 966km (12h/18min)
Sydney to Melbourne 881km (13h/49min)
Sydney to Adelaide 1500km (18h/48min)
Sydney to Brisbane 926km (12h/01min)
Sydney to Perth 3942km (23h/0min)
Sydney to Darwin 4272km (2 days 2 hours)

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were the first to colonise Australia, between 42 000 and 48 000 years ago. European settlement was not until 1770 when James Cook first arrived to Australian shores. The First Fleet arrived 1788 with 11 ships of around 1500 people - the day now recognised and celebrated as Australia Day.

Approximately 160 000 convict men and women were brought over to Australia for petty crimes as small as stealing a loaf of bread. Free immigration began in the 1790s, and in the 1850s, the gold rush saw a huge migration to Australia, particularly those of Chinese descent.

The Commonwealth of Australia was officially declared in 1901 with the federation of all six states under one nation. In the post war period, thousand of immigrants arrived to Australian shores and the nation began to separate itself from Mother England to form its own identity. Australia is now home to a multicultural mix of people from all corners of the globe, including Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East.

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