Springtime Hiking Trails: Discover Sydney's Natural Beauty


Embark on scenic hiking trails during spring in Sydney

1. Royal National Park

Visit one of the world's oldest national parks, just south of Sydney. Explore the diverse trails, spot wildlife, and discover stunning waterfalls, such as the popular Figure Eight Pools.


2. Blue Mountains National Park

Escape to the Blue Mountains and witness its ethereal beauty. Marvel at iconic landmarks like the Three Sisters formation and enjoy hiking through ancient rainforests and breathtaking lookouts.


3. Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

Discover the beauty of Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, known for its ancient Aboriginal rock engravings, lush bushland, and serene waterways. Enjoy scenic walks and amazing views.


4. Sydney Harbour National Park

Experience the fusion of nature and urbanity with Sydney Harbour National Park. Discover hidden beaches, scenic picnic spots, and historic sites while enjoying stunning harbor views.


5. Ferries and Harbor Walking Trails

Combine a ferry ride with delightful walking trails along Sydney Harbor. Explore stunning locations like Cremorne Point, Taronga Zoo, and Chowder Bay for an unforgettable experience.


6. Mount Ku-ring-gai Track

Embark on the Mount Ku-ring-gai Track to enjoy panoramic views of Ku-ring-gai National Park and the distant Sydney skyline. This challenging trail rewards hikers with majestic vistas.


7. Manly to North Head

Experience the stunning coastal walk from Manly to North Head. Enjoy scenic views of Sydney Harbor, explore historic sites, and discover the diverse bird and marine life.


8. Sydney Harbour Bridge to South Head

Embark on an iconic walk from Sydney Harbour Bridge to South Head. Marvel at the city skyline, explore historic neighborhoods, and soak up the impressive views of the harbor.