Sydney surfers have more than 40 beaches to choose from, stretching from Palm Beach on the northern part of Sydney, all the way to the Cronulla beaches in the south. Sydney’s best surfers always argue which Sydney beach will take honours of being the best for surfing. Most tourists interested in surfing in Sydney, Australia, will soon find out that the best surfing spots in Sydney are just around the corner, with the top surf beaches in Sydney only minutes apart.

The weather in Sydney is close to perfect all year round and surfers travelling to Australia can enjoy their time in the water without missing out on the glitz and glamour that Sydney has to offer.

Map of Northern Beaches Surf Spots, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Map of Southern Beaches Surf Spots, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Sydney Tourist Guide

Sydney’s most famous beach in Australia is definitely Bondi Beach, however the best places to surf around Sydney include, Whale Beach, Avalon, Newport, North Narrabeen, Dee Why Point, Curl Curl , Manly ,Bondi and Cronulla.

History of Surfing in Sydney, Australia

Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku introduced surfing to Australia in 1915. With his hand made timber board in toe made from a Queensland Sugar Pine, he paddled out at Freshwater beach stunnjng locals with his grace and aquatic ability.
A 16 year old girl, Isabella Letham, was picked from the crowd and became the first Australian officially recorded standing up on the waves.

Before long, Duke had introduced Australians to what would soon become one of their most enjoyed activities and part of their national identity. The sport quickly built up a repertoire of cult followers, with a new way of life built around surfing and finding the perfect wave. Surf competitions are continually raising the profile of the sport and the Surf Industry is a primary income sustaining many Australian coastal towns.

Surfing Legends of Sydney Australia Top Surfers of Australia and the world
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Southern Beaches Surf Spots in Sydney

• Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach is a bustling cosmopolitan centre for sun, beautiful people, surf and summer. The beach itself is naturally stunning, forming a U shape across the coastline and fringed with parks, cafes and apartments overlooking the ocean.

Bondi Beach is commonly regarded as Australia’s most well known beach.
Popular with both tourists and locals alike, lifeguards are on constant patrol of the crowded one kilometre strip of sand. The new TV Series, ‘Bondi Rescue ‘ is a weekly documentary about Life Saving Rescues in Australia and is a world favourite.

• Maroubra Beach
Maroubra is located in Sydney’s south east side, 10km from the CBD. Maroubra is an Aboriginal term for ‘ place of thunder’. The beach itself stretches for approximately 1 km and is a popular destination for surfing fanatics, with full strenth waves coming from the Pacific Ocean.

There are also two Australian Surf Life Saving Clubs and a skate park on site, as well as Maroubra Junction for those who don’t like surfing and prefer to shop.

•Cronulla Beach
Cronulla Beach is located on Sydney’s southern peninsula. The beach is perfect for those looking for scenery, swimming, hiking and of course surfing. It is the only beach in Sydney with a train station, taking visitors just a few minutes walk to reach the pristine sand. Cronulla is a relatively short beach and lies along an arch of golden sand facing Bate Bay and Kurnell Peninsula, also favourite places for surfing and body boarding.

The surfing spots in Sydney are endless and to get you prepared, it might be a good idea to pop into your favorite Sydney Surf Shop, where you can buy Australia’s Surfing Magazine, surf video’s, get local surfing news, find surf locations in NSW and info about surfing holidays from Sydney to Byron Bay.
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Learn to Surf camps in Australia are a favorite with tourists visiting Australia as most are absolute novice surfers taking on the experience of this national favourite sport.

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Surfing Experiences in Australia include Surfing Tours, Surfing Holidays and Surfing Packages, which can be great fun for tourists, interstate visitors or low budget backpackers. Why not rent a campervan for your surfing safari, as this is a great way to see Australia on a low budget.

Northern Beaches Surf Spots in Sydney

Top Surf Spots North of Sydney –Manly to Palm Beach

Manly was host to the first surfer in Australia in 1915 and is still a crowd favourite. 

Curl Curl Beach is one of the best surfing spots on the northern beaches of Sydney, however if you need info on where to surf in Sydney as a novice surfer, we would recommend going down to Collaroy Beach.

North Narrabeen Beach is well known for the most consistent waves and breaks in and around the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

If you are not sure where to surf in Sydney with a strong southerly blowing, then go to Warriewood.